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Quick Look: Looper

OMG finally!

I think I’ve been reading about this film for two years and EAGERLY awaiting a glimpse, and now that I have I want to see it even more.

And so do you, because you are cool.

Time travel, JGL and Willis? PINCH ME I AM DREAMING.

Quick Look: The Raid

Mother. Of. God.

Indonesia. RESPECT.

This looks exceptionally awesome as far as action films go.

Quick Look: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Prediction: this will be a quirky and charming film because the trailer is quirky and charming.

Quick Look: 7500

This is an awful trailer and I would bet money that the movie is also awful!

Quick Look: Moonrise Kingdom

Brilliant trailer.

I’m there. Because Wes Anderson.

Quick Look: Prometheus


Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce and Charlize Theron in a new Ridley Scott Sci-fi film that (allegedly) sort of ties into the ALIEN franchise?

Words cannot describe how excited I am to see this, or how amazing it felt to FINALLY see this trailer and have the chills run through my entire body. Seventy three times.

Quick Look: The Dark Knight Rises

darkknightrises-tlr1_h1080p (1) by SnakePSNL

I’m not going to lie to you, a lot of what is in this trailer killed some hype I had.

It’s not all bad, and you can’t judge a film by a two minute trailer, but this seems badly put together.

The shot of the football field collapsing is like something out of a terrible Marvel comic book film, something that Nolan’s Batman movies have successfully avoided until now. Maybe I just need more context, but it seems ridiculously out of place.

Everything else looks good enough, but as I said, feels too mish-mashed to really give the trailer any feeling.

I actually did enjoy Catwoman’s dialog, though.

Quick Look: Lock-out

Guy Pearce is in space being a jerky badass and I want to make babies with this trailer. SO GOOD.

Oh yeah, something about him rescuing the daughter of the SPACE PRESIDENT on a prison facility where riots have broken out between violent crazies.

I want to see this so bad that I am going to include the other trailer which is more trailery but sheds more like on the plot:

Quick Look: The Hunger games

I’ve not read these novels, but the overall idea reminds me of Battle Royale, just less violent and crazy.

So that’s enough to get me interested.

My main concern is how much awful teenage drama I’d have to sit through if I wanted to see this film. I suppose time will tell.

Quick Look: Snow White & the Huntsman

Strangely enough, this doesn’t look as awful as I expected it to. In fact, it looks quite solid in that “throw away” summer movie type way.

Too bad it stars Kristen “I have the same look on my face no matter the emotion I am feeling” Stewart (seriously, it is beyond odd), but I can deal with that if I get to see Charlize Theron bathe in delicious white liquid.