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Party of Five review project: Season 1 Episode 2 “Homework”

In this episode Claudia has to construct a family tree for her class and ends up deciding she wants to track down their grandfather who has been out of the picture for 30 years. She seems to do so with ease and then we find out it isn’t her grandfather but instead an old man who lives on a boat. Way to go, Claudia.

Bailey (who I found out is supposed to be 16) has feelings for their older nanny Kirsten and tempers flair when he finds out she has asked Charilie out on a date. Some “screw you” comments were thrown around and it was fun but not juicy enough for me.

Julia is obsessed with not being a nerd anymore (which I guess means going to parties and ignoring her homework) and I can see her starting to fall into the wrong crowd, or at least being a complete dumb dumb for no reason. I also spotted a young Brittany Murphy as one of the popular girls in a crowd and that was pretty neat.

In the end Charlie doesn’t go on his date with Kirsten, not because he doesn’t see it might not be a great idea to bang his nanny, but because he doesn’t want to hurt Bailey’s feelings and they all talk about renting a boat to go sailing.

I give this episode four old salty seamen out of five.

Party of Five review project: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

My first thoughts upon starting this episode were “holy shit, everyone is soooo young”. It’s pretty wild to see.

The first few minutes do a surprisingly succinct job of getting across just what sort of situation all these kids are in as they try and hold life together six moths after losing their parents in a car accident.

Julia is already moody and angsty and becomes even more so when her obvious shithead “boyfriend” dumps her. I can’t wait.

Bailey is likeable and doing his best to sort of try and understand where everyone is coming from.

Claudia is tiny and good at playing the violin and mostly sort of stays out of the way.

Baby Owen is throwing a monkey wrench into the plan by being a dumb baby with a dumb name and he needs a nanny.

Charlie is the oldest and therefore trying to be smart with the money they have which is annoying everyone else because they resent him for it.

Tempers flair when the rest of the family finds out he lost 12 grand of their money after a business partner fled and everyone calls him a hypocrite.

But then he gets a job (at what I think was their fathers restaurant?) and everyone can see he’s at least trying finally and the episode ends.

I give it four “Go to hell, Charlie”‘s followed by a door slam out of five.

The Party of Five review project

I have decided to watch and review all 142 episodes of the melodramatic 90’s television show Party of Five. Why? just because I can (and because I recently bought the complete DVD box set for $20.99 Canadian dollars and because I keep paying for this domain name and never use it for anything).

I have fond but hazy memories of watching the show while it was airing, but certainly never watched anywhere close to the entire run of episodes. I can remember a few major plot beats and a nearly unbearably whiny Neve Campbell more than anything and I am pretty excited to get back there.

There will be poorly written spoilers aplenty and I have no set deadline or goal, so it could take forever, but I’m going to try my best to talk about this show that nobody is talking about in an attempt to fill some sort of unidentified void in my life that I’m not quite ready to come to terms with.

Feel free to follow along!