400 in ’15: #391: Mission: Impossible III

I’ve taken on the challenge of trying to watch 400 films in 2015. I will update this blog after each one and hopefully write a small blurb (NOT necessarily a review) about it. Come along for the journey, won’t you!?

Number: 391
Film: Mission: Impossible III
Released: 2006
Director: J.J. Abrams
Viewed previously?: Yes


See, now this is more like it.

This movie is 100% better than II from the get-go. The cold open is fantastic and establishes that some heavy shit is about to go down.

Then we cut to present time and Ethan Hunt is now engaged and has seemingly scaled down his IMF role to try out “normal life” which I don’t mind. Six years have passed since the previous film and introducing a love interest in this way makes far more sense than the “love at first sight” bullshit in the second film.

Anyway, he is of course called back into action to stop Philip Seymour Hoffman (who is so fantastically low key menacing) from getting his hands on a strange weapon he is looking to sell for nearly a billion dollars.

Basically, it’s the setup for a bunch of awesome heist/sneaky action that was SORELY missing from the second film. And that’s why this one is fantastic. Throw in some awesome action scenes (no Tom Cruise doing out of place Kung Fu shit this time, thankfully) and you’ve got yourself a pretty fuckin’ great time.

Also our first introduction to Simon Pegg’s character, who would thankfully become a more prominent member in subsequent films.

I also only now just realized this was J.J. Abrams’ first feature film and that makes it even cooler.

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