400 in ’15: #394: After Earth

I’ve taken on the challenge of trying to watch 400 films in 2015. I will update this blog after each one and hopefully write a small blurb (NOT necessarily a review) about it. Come along for the journey, won’t you!?

Number: 394
Film: After Earth
Released: 2013
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Viewed previously?: No


Ah, yes, M. Night Shyamalan, my old friend.

Such a fall from grace could probably never have been predicted.

I was totally a fan of his for a while. I LOVE Unbreakable and really like Signs (yeah, I said it) and even The Village but everything after those films has been mixed to poorly received and it’s so, so weird.

I know that since this movie came out he’s directed “The Visit” which is supposedly really good, but I haven’t seen it because I’ve lost so much faith I refuse to pay money to view it. Fooled me too many times, my friend.

Anyway, back to After Earth.

It’s not a good movie.

I recently listened to the guys on “How did this get made?” talk about this film and even though they mentioned it’s pretty much just BAD and not in a good way, I’ve had it sitting on the PVR for months and decided to watch it.

The general story is Will Smith and his son (also his real life son) crash land on a planet during a mission (or something) in which they were transporting some sort of alien that kills humans by detecting their fear. Of course, Will Smith breaks his legs horribly in the crash and Jr. has to go out on his own in the fierce wilderness to find the other half of the space ship so he can activate the rescue beacon or some shit.

Oh yeah, and that planet is EARTH, which humanity evacuated years before…or something. It’s stupid.

It’s all about FEAR and conquering your fear and growing as a person and that kind of shit.

Which doesn’t sound bad, right? even the basic story and plot is decent.

But the movie just isn’t.

I was immediately put off by the bizarre accents both characters put on. It’s like a southern accent getting raped by a British accent and it’s so completely unnecessary it took me out of the movie several times. That, and the performances in general are pretty awful. Probably because the writing is pretty much shit. There are plenty of goofy lines delivered here in that silly accent that just made me go “what?”

so much so that part of me couldn’t believe it was a real film.

Will Smith especially is capable of so much more. He plays a serious, rigid future military dude who’s hard on his son and pretty much has ZERO emotion because that’s his thing. He’s able to fight previously mentioned aliens because he can ignore fear, which is called “ghosting” (feel free to groan here) but of course it translates into his personal life because he’s a shitting, unfeeling father and it’s kind of a problem because Will Smith is kind of naturally charming and charismatic as fuck and he doesn’t play well in a role like this at all.

It’s also filled with real weird editing and tons of plotholes/stupid shit, but I’m not going to bother tearing it down because it isn’t worth it.

I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, but that doesn’t make it good. I would not recommend this movie at all.

And just like that, I’ve written far more about this film than it deserves.

Off to bed I go.

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