400 in ’15: #400: The Other Woman

I’ve taken on the challenge of trying to watch 400 films in 2015. I will update this blog after each one and hopefully write a small blurb (NOT necessarily a review) about it. Come along for the journey, won’t you!?

Number: 400
Film: The Other Woman
Released: 2014
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Viewed previously?: No


It’s OVER! wooo!

for my final movie, I thought about watching something real awesome or that meant a lot to me, but then I decided that’s boring and INSTEAD chose to watch a movie that I wouldn’t ever even bother with if I wasn’t actively trying to watch 400 fucking movies in a year.

That movie is “The Other Woman” starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton as women who have been cheated on by Jamie from Game of Thrones and the story about how they try and get revenge on him.

It’s also really, really bad and borderline insufferable. The most cliche ridden shoe horned movie I’ve watched in a long ass time.

The best part was watching Kate Upton be Kate Upton.

The worst part was everything else including really groan inducing little musical montages inserted randomly (yes, really) and just the general air of “HEY THIS IS SOOOO FUNNY” that everyone involved seemed to really believe.

Every little joke and bit falls so flat it’s almost embarrassing.

Fuck, there’s a goddamn “I PUT EX-LAX IN HIS DRINK NOW HE’S SHITTING HIS PANTS! AHAHAHAHAH” scene that goes on way too long and isn’t funny.

This was terrible and I am officially not writing anymore about it.

Stay tuned for a wrap up post…sometime!

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