400 in ’15: #400: That’s a wrap!

I finally finished this stupid ass personal goal/project/waste of time.

In case it wasn’t 100% obvious, I don’t think of this as any sort of achievement. In fact, I can’t count the number of times throughout the year I completely regretted even trying it. There were times I watched a movie because I felt like I HAD to, and it was partly funny and amusing to me, but also started to really get annoying.

There were also countless times I thought I’d never make it. In the middle especially. When you’re too far in to remember the start, but also too far from the end to see the conclusion. I actually did some math at a few points and realized I had to start watching multiple films a day if I wanted to get ahead of schedule.

It was madness. MADNESS.

Look, I LOVE movies. Almost more than any other form of entertainment. That’s why I did it. Also because I’m a masochist but that’s another story.

Pulling this off makes me wonder how many movies I watch in a normal year. I know it’s nowhere near 400 for certain, but part of me almost wants to keep tracking it (I won’t, though).

I never said or posted anything, but all the data was kept in this poorly laid out spreadsheet so you can look at it if you are a weirdo.

Now I can give you some random stats:

Approximate time spent watching these 400 movies (based on IMDb runtimes): 42,762 MINUTES or 712.7 HOURS or 29.7 DAYS

Films I watched for the first time: 285

Oldest film I watched: Häxan (1922)

Average release year: 2002

Chances I’ll ever do this again: 0

Also, in case you were curious, my favorite movie of 2015 was Mad Max: Fury Road for being not only the best new movie I saw, but legitimately one of my favorite films EVER and the best action movie to grace our presence in probably forever. Give George Miller an Oscar or go fuck yourselves, academy.

I’ll probably not watch a movie for a few days now. Might actually use the time to catch up on some TV shows now that I don’t feel pressured to divide my time up so much.

Ahhh, who am I kidding, I’m going to go re-watch Fury Road to celebrate!

See ya!

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