Party of Five review project: Season 1 Episode 2 “Homework”

In this episode Claudia has to construct a family tree for her class and ends up deciding she wants to track down their grandfather who has been out of the picture for 30 years. She seems to do so with ease and then we find out it isn’t her grandfather but instead an old man who lives on a boat. Way to go, Claudia.

Bailey (who I found out is supposed to be 16) has feelings for their older nanny Kirsten and tempers flair when he finds out she has asked Charilie out on a date. Some “screw you” comments were thrown around and it was fun but not juicy enough for me.

Julia is obsessed with not being a nerd anymore (which I guess means going to parties and ignoring her homework) and I can see her starting to fall into the wrong crowd, or at least being a complete dumb dumb for no reason. I also spotted a young Brittany Murphy as one of the popular girls in a crowd and that was pretty neat.

In the end Charlie doesn’t go on his date with Kirsten, not because he doesn’t see it might not be a great idea to bang his nanny, but because he doesn’t want to hurt Bailey’s feelings and they all talk about renting a boat to go sailing.

I give this episode four old salty seamen out of five.

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