Most awesome scenes in movie history part 1: Oldboy

A look at scenes from random movies that I consider amazing for a myriad of reasons that I try to explain as best I can.


The Setup:

Chan-wook Park’s absolutely incredible film Oldboy is a Korean masterpiece and absolutely deserves to be viewed by every single person in the world. It is filled with awesome scenes. One that truly stands out is the “hallway hammer fight”

What makes this incredible is that it is a one take “long shot” (something that gives me a huge boner) and filmed at an absolutely perfect angle. Couple that with the soundtrack and it’s seriously just masterful.


Work of fucking art.

It saddens me that such brilliant, hard work, might be lost on some people. I’m not trying to sound pretentious or like a know it all. It just truly is sad that there might be people who watch this and consider it a boring fight scene and nothing more. Those people do exist.


  1. You pretentious know-it-all.

    PS That is one awesome scene.