Review: TRON: Legacy

Director: Joseph Kosinski
Release: December 17 2010
Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde

I wasn’t even born when TRON was released, in fact, I never even watched it until a few years ago. I’d heard much about it, though. Plenty of jokes and lighthearted teasing about how it was cheesy and ridiculous, but also really ahead of its time. When I finally did watch it I was pretty blown away and instantly realized why it is and always will be seen as a cult classic. It’s just FUN and futuristic.

That said, I’m not a fanboy and won’t waste too much time comparing new to old and so on. That’s boring.

TRON: Legacy picks up the story of Kevin Flynn’s disappearance and how his son Sam is dealing with it. During the years much has changed and his fathers company has grown and changed into something neither of them would have imagined. This storyline is dumped on us early, but really doesn’t have too much bearing on where the next hour and fourty five minutes are going to take us.

It’s there to establish the fact that Sam hasn’t quite gotten over his dad being gone and also hasn’t followed in his footsteps and is a real wildcard and so on.

That’s all well and good, but the real shit happens when Sam gets info about a page being sent from his dad’s rundown arcade and through MYSTERIOUS circumstances gets sucked into the GRID, aka the digital world where TRON took place.

The world, however has changed and Clu, a program created by Flynn (and played by a very creepy looking CG Bridges) has taken over and purged the world, trying to make it “perfect”.

What goes on from there is what you might expect. Sam tries to find his father and defeat Clu/Tron with the aid of Quorra (another Flynn program played by a RIDICULOUSLY hot Oliva Wilde) and escape the grid and essentially save the world.

Thanks to 28 years of technological advancements, plenty about the old movie is updated and expanded upon here, like the disc and light cycle battles, which are pulled off using incredible effects and work extremely well. It’s all very flashy and intense and just incredibly cool to look at. There’s no denying it. It’s like special effects porn and you’d be crazy to not love it.

While that might sound almost negative to some, it’s true and is easily the most compelling reason to see the film and that’s where it’s so similar to the first film. They are doing awesome shit you want to see because it’s so awesome.

It’s all pulled off extraordinarily well, and aside from the previously mentioned CG Jeff Bridges (who will haunt my dreams), you don’t even think about how what you’re watching is mostly “fake” and that’s when you know the eggheads and their special effects teams are earning their money.

I’d also be doing the film and review a great disservice if I didn’t mention the phenomenal soundtrack, scored by Daft Punk. Never before has a pairing been so absolutely perfect as TRON and these guys. It’s hard and moody and electronic and epic all at the same time and is as good or better as the movie itself. Absolutely amazing and I hope they get to score more movies in the future.

Preferably more TRON movies, because this film offers an extremely good time.

Arbitrary number rating that really doesn’t mean fuck all: 8/10

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